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Nanomicro Tech is devoted to developing world-leading technologies for the production of the highest quality and the widest selection of uniformly sized nano- and microspheres (microparticles). The company is capable of supplying monodisperse particles of almost any size ranging from 5 nanometers to 1000 microns of different materials, structures, and functionalities.

With more than 10 product lines and over 5000 products Nanomicro Tech continues to evolve and expand to serve the rapidly growing industries with its cutting edge technologies. Nanomicro Tech`s products cover a broad spectrum of applications including high performance chromatography media, solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents, particle size standards, magnetic particles, LCD spacer, ACF conductive particles, and various functional microparticles.

Ion Exchange Chromatography Media UniGel 80CM

Nanomicro Tech has built a new [state-of-the-art” 13000 square-meter manufacturing facility in Suzhou Industrial Park, equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments and reliable quality control system to guarantee high quality and consistent performance of products sold worldwide.

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