provides chromatographic 
solutions for any compound from its discovery through scaling-up into production and its final quality control in the lab. Whether random R&D, combinatorial chemistry or high-throughput screening, LC-MS, automation, capillary columns with high sensitivity or process-scale engineering: YMC can be relied upon to provide positive support, chromatographic tools and assistance.


Analytical (U)HPLC – YMC UHPLC/HPLC columns for RP, NP, HILIC, SEC, IEX, Chiral and SFC separations.


(Semi)preparative LC – YMC pre-packed columns and bulk materials for semi-preparative to process scale purifications.

glass column

YMC Glass Columns – YMC glass columns from laboratory to pilot and production scale.

Flash Chromatography – YMC flash cartridges compatible with all common flash systems.

Accessories and Solvents – Accessories and solvents for chromatography applications.


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