California-based Finesse Solutions

brings Silicon Valley technology to bioprocessing.

G3 Smart Controllers –highly configurable G3 SmartControllers scale from lab to cGMP-compliant production with ease. The G3Lab Universal controls both single-use and sterilizable bench top bioreactors. The G3Lite is a mobile and cost effective option for R&D or production. The flexible and robust G3Pro supports any brand of single-use bioreactor, up to 2000L. The G3Flex System is fully customizable offering.
G3Lab Universal
G3Pro Universal

Single-Use Sensors – designed for maximum stability with minimal drift, Finesse single-use sensors contain an embedded SmartChip that holds manufacturing lot and factory calibration information. Finesse single-use sensors implement a patented optical design using only USP ClassVL materials. All sensors are sterilized in place and pre-calibrated.

SmartPuck ph+dO2
Tru Fluor pH and TruFluor DO

Sterilizable Sensors – Finesse provides re-usable sensors for cell culture and fermentation process monitoring. TruDo and TrupH sensors have been specifically designed to minimize drift, survive frequent sterilization cycles and ensure measurement consistency from batch to batch.
TruDO Optical

Smart Software – based on the DeltaV control platform, TruBio software is user-friendly, highly configurable and capable of controlling any bioreactor from lab through production scale. TruBio also supports SCADA and OPC connectivity to 3rd party devices. It has been developed with the latest GAMP revision methods and is validated for cGMP applications.

Vessels – rockers and stirred-tank glass vessels for labscale or cGMP applications

SmartFactory – optimized to increase productivity and maximize asset utilization, while retaining an open architecture. (picture). Bio-production process flows can be designed with best-of-breed equipment (including Finesse SmartSystems) in a modular and scalable manner, without compromising quality and compliance

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